HELP: Redeem voucher on smartphone

  1. Step: Please click on the desired product and add it to the cart.

  2. Step: Then click on "Proceed to Checkout".

  3. Step: Now a window should open where you can enter your address. In the upper section, you will find a slightly grayed-out field with "Show Order Summary". If you tap on this field, you will see the summary of your products as well as the "discount code field" where you can enter the desired coupon.

  4. Step: After that, click on the arrow button and you should have successfully redeemed the coupon.


If there was a problem during the steps and the coupon cannot be redeemed, please check the coupon conditions in the email to see from what value the coupon can be redeemed.

Below you will also find the step-by-step guide in video format: