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Treating Cellulite – with Suitable Products from Jolifill

Are you frustrated with your cellulite and can no longer bear the dimples on your legs, buttocks, or stomach? You're not alone. Many women have dimples on their legs, buttocks, or stomach. Looking in the mirror becomes a daily struggle, and there's no improvement in sight. If you too finally want tight skin and smooth contours again, you're in the right category. At Jolifill, we offer you a wide range of different products against cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a purely visual problem, but one that is familiar to many women. Unfortunately, according to a study, cellulite occurs in 85 percent of all women. And unfortunately, there's not much a woman can do about it. The female connective tissue is to blame, which is structured in a way that can better withstand weight fluctuations for both the skin and the connective tissue. Unfortunately, this also means that sagging skin with cellulite occurs more quickly in women than in men.

Cellulite occurs when the fibers of connective tissue, which are responsible for connecting the skin to the muscle strands, come under tension due to intervening fatty deposits and pull the skin downward. This is how the familiar dimples form.

Mesotherapy - Treating Cellulite

The market offers numerous ways to treat cellulite, and many affected women would do anything to finally have beautiful and smooth skin again. Mesotherapy is a very special type of cellulite treatment that has been carried out since the sixties.

In this form of therapy, the substances are injected into the middle layer of the skin, where various active ingredients can take effect. The various products from the Jolifill range not only save you a surgical procedure, but also fulfill your desire for beautifully fresh, smooth, and youthful skin.

This special method reduces cellulite from the very first treatment and ensures a smooth and beautiful skin.

How do Cellulite Treatments Work?

The treatments using different preparations usually last about 30 minutes, depending on the severity and treatment area. The substance that is injected is based on hyaluronic acid as well as trace elements and vitamins. However, several sessions are usually necessary, with the intervals between them gradually increasing.

It is important that the gel or substance is injected directly into the cellulite, allowing the fat deposits and dimples to be permanently reduced.

But don't worry, most products from our range also contain a local anesthetic, which ensures that the individual treatment sessions are painless for you.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If you treat cellulite with special hyaluronic acid preparations with indexing, you do not have to expect any severe side effects. It is important to take care of the skin. As with other similar treatments, there may be redness or small bruises at the injection sites, but they disappear quickly. A slight itching may also occur, but it will also disappear quickly.

Do you have any questions about the various products for cellulite? We are happy to help and are here to assist you.

Cellulite - Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a cellulite treatment that has been known since the sixties and is still widely used today. 'Meso' stands for the middle skin layer, which is provided with active ingredients in this form of therapy. Mesotherapy is therefore a method for reducing cellulite, which permanently and gently reduces the appearance of fat deposits and dimples without surgical intervention. This special form of therapy was inspired by acupuncture, drug treatment, and neural therapy.

At Jolifill, we offer you a wide selection of different preparations for this special treatment. So, skip the surgical procedure and finally leave the unsightly fat deposits and dimples in the past.

The Course of Treatment

In mesotherapy, small amounts of a preparation containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and trace elements are injected into deformed skin areas using hands or a portable device. This directly treats the affected areas. To make the treatment completely painless for you, a local anesthetic is often included. Ideally, only small bruises occur at the injection sites.

The duration and course of mesotherapy for cellulite usually depend on the extent of the cellulite. At the beginning, plan for a session of 30 minutes every one to two weeks. Afterwards, the intervals can be extended. After three to five sessions, you will already see great results. If the cellulite is particularly severe, experts recommend up to ten treatments.

Before and After Treatment

Do not apply creams or powders to the skin 2 days before mesotherapy and do not take Aspirin®.

After treatment, you should not take a proper bath for 24 hours and avoid sunbathing for two days, do not use a solarium, and do not use ointments or powders. It is also advisable not to wear colored, new, or tight clothing during this time.

Are There Side Effects with Mesotherapy?

Severe side effects are not known with this special form of therapy. As with other injection treatments, there may be slight redness. And a slight itching or small hematomas at the injection sites are also side effects, but they usually disappear within a very short time.

What Stage is Your Skin at with Cellulite?

Cellulite Stage I: Most commonly found in young women, cellulite is mild or slight and can be effectively treated with exercise and fat reduction. The dimples only become visible when the skin is pinched.

Cellulite Stage II: Dimples in the skin are visible when standing up.

Cellulite Stage III: Cellulite is in an advanced stage. The structure of the dimples is clearly visible when lying down. Treatment and therapy by an experienced professional are now required.

Results of the Treatment

Mesotherapy requires multiple treatments, initially about once a week or every two weeks, then once a month, and finally once every three to six months. With each treatment, you will look better and your cellulite will be significantly reduced.

The best results are achieved when starting mesotherapy early. This therapy is especially suitable for slim and slightly overweight women, as improvement in cellulite is not to be expected even with weight loss in this target group.

This local solution is therefore considered particularly promising. This form of therapy effectively reduces fat deposits in your connective tissue and also helps to strengthen and build it. Different changes can be observed after each session:

  • The skin becomes visibly smoother in the problem area
  • The radius is reduced in the problem area
  • Sensory disturbances in the problem area are significantly reduced
  • Reduction of cellulite

If you also want to finally tackle cellulite but absolutely want to avoid surgical intervention, we offer you the suitable products at Jolifill and are of course here to advise you with any questions.

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