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At a certain age, almost every woman comes into contact with cellulite. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to counteract the formation of cellulite and halt the aging process of the skin texture, even with exercise or a healthy diet. With Alidya, a significant reduction in cellulite and an elevation of the surface profile can be achieved in all body regions. Even if you've had problems with unwanted dimples for years, these areas of skin can be noticeably tightened. Alidya is a highly specialized product that is applied directly to the affected skin areas and can act against cellulite there.

Alidya - Reliable Correction for Cellulite

Every woman wishes for smooth, even, and delicate skin that exudes youthfulness all over the body. However, the nature of female adipose tissue has other plans and thwarts women's desires. Typical fatty deposits form on the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks, causing unsightly dimples and an unpleasant skin texture even in slender individuals. Due to its similarity to orange peel, cellulite is colloquially referred to as "orange peel skin."

According to statistics, up to 90 percent of all women from the age of 20 suffer from this skin condition, also known as lipodystrophy. However, it's not only women who suffer from unsightly dimples; more men than one might think struggle with "orange peel skin" as well.

This product consists of a mixture of active ingredients including mannitol (a sugar alcohol), polyamino acid, and EDTA substances.

Alidya is the perfect solution for cellulite!

Where can Alidya be used?

Alidya is ideal for effective and long-lasting anti-cellulite treatments. It is primarily used on the legs and thighs. Alidya can also be injected into the buttocks, as well as in the upper arms and all other affected areas of the body. It is important for such a treatment that the product is always applied directly to the affected areas, so that it can take effect directly on site.

How does the treatment with Alidya work?

Experts always recommend a multi-week treatment with Alidya to ensure the effect for about a year. In order for this special solution to work undisturbed against "orange peel skin," it is important not to touch the treated area for 42 hours after application. Only then does the gel have the opportunity to penetrate into the respective fat accumulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to transport harmful substances out of the body.

Duration of Effect

The Alidya is applied directly to the affected skin areas where you suffer from cellulite. The first results are visible after three to four applications. However, it is recommended to perform the injection once a week to give the adipose tissue the impulse in the right direction. After seven to twelve applications with Alidya, the effects in the treatment area are clear and visible, and you will also feel them distinctly.

The duration of the effect also depends on the severity of the cellulite. This means that the desired effect may occur faster than average, but additional applications may also be required. After completing the treatment cycle, it is recommended to perform two additional follow-up treatments 15 to 30 days later to significantly improve the result.

Are there any side effects with Alidya treatment?

Treatment with Alidya is considered very safe, and no serious side effects are known. All ingredients are particularly well tolerated and safe for your body. As with other injected products, small superficial bruises or hematomas may occur at the treatment site. Mild swelling and mild to moderate skin redness are also not uncommon with injections. Some patients may experience temporary injection-related pain at the injection sites, but this is very rare. All side effects also typically do not last long and are part of this type of treatment.

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