Regenyal® Idea Lips - Jolifill.deRegenyal® Idea Lips -

Regenyal® Idea Lips 1 x 1ml

€ 61.95
€ 61.95 / ml
Regenyal Idea - Jolifill.deRegenyal Idea -

Regenyal® Idea 1 x 1ml

€ 59.95
€ 59.95 / ml
Regenyal Bioregen - Jolifill.deRegenyal Bioregen -

Regenyal® Bioregen 3 x 1ml

€ 99.95
€ 33.32 / ml
Regenyal® Idea Super Lips 1 x 1ml -

Regenyal® Idea Super Lips 1 x 1ml

€ 62.95
€ 62.95 / ml
Regenyal BioExpander - Jolifill.deRegenyal BioExpander -

Regenyal® Idea BioExpander 3 x 1ml

€ 184.95
€ 61.65 / ml
Regenyal Super Idea - Jolifill.deRegenyal Super Idea -

Regenyal® Super Idea 3 x 1ml

€ 219.95
€ 73.32 / ml

For years, Regenyal Laboratories has been dedicated to scientific research and the creation of products for Aesthetic Medicine and Orthopedics. Today, they are a leading manufacturer of intradermal and intra-articular products based on hyaluronic acid, which is gaining popularity in Italy and abroad thanks to its high reliability.

Why are Regenyal products different?

Because they offer greater control and advanced technology while fully respecting naturalness; thus, they represent all the important values that a certified system can guarantee.

Safety and quality are the fundamental elements for those approaching the world of aesthetics. For this reason, they choose the purest raw materials, increase certifications of the quality system every year, and use sustainable materials.

The company advocates for an "environmentally friendly attitude." Beauty can also be environmentally friendly when the well-being and desires of the patient align with sustainable and non-invasive solutions. Thanks to the Green Injections Standards, the unique brand of Regenyal products is finally a reality and not just a dream.

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