Pluryal® Classic 1x 1.0mlPluryal® Classic 1x 1.0ml -

Pluryal® Classic 1x 1.0ml

€ 69.95
€ 69.95 / ml
Pluryal® Classic Lidocaine 1x 1.0mlPluryal® Classic Lidocaine 1x 1.0ml -

Pluryal® Classic Lidocaine 1x 1.0ml

€ 79.95
€ 79.95 / ml
Pluryal® Volume 1x 1.0mlPluryal® Volume 1x 1.0ml -

Pluryal® Volume 1x 1.0ml

€ 69.95
€ 69.95 / ml
Pluryal® Volume Lidocaine  1x 1.0mlPluryal® Volume Lidocaine  1x 1.0ml -
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Pluryal® Volume Lidocaine 1x 1.0ml

€ 75.95 € 79.95
€ 75.95 / ml
Pluryal® Contour Lidocaine 1x 1.0mlPluryal® Contour Lidocaine 1x 1.0ml -

Pluryal® Contour Lidocaine 1x 1.0ml

€ 59.95
€ 59.95 / ml
Pluryal® Densify 1 x 2.0ml - Jolifill.dePluryal® Densify 1 x 2.0ml -
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Pluryal® Densify 1 x 2.0ml

€ 139.95
€ 139.95 / 2ml
Pluryal® Booster 1x 1.0mlPluryal® Booster 1x 1.0ml -
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Pluryal® Booster 1x 1.0ml

€ 44.95
€ 44.95 / ml
Pluryal® Hair 5x 5.0mlPluryal® Hair 5x 5.0ml -
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Pluryal® Hair 5x 5.0ml

€ 78.95
€ 78.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® Clear 5x 5.0mlPluryal® Clear 5x 5.0ml -
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Pluryal® Clear 5x 5.0ml

€ 75.95 € 78.95
€ 75.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® Refresh 5x 5.0mlPluryal® Refresh 5x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® Refresh 5x 5.0ml

€ 78.95
€ 78.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® Tight 5x 5.0mlPluryal® Tight 5x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® Tight 5x 5.0ml

€ 78.95
€ 78.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® FaceContour 5x 5.0mlPluryal® FaceContour 5x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® FaceContour 5x 5.0ml

€ 119.95
€ 119.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® Shine 5x 5.0mlPluryal® Shine 5x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® Shine 5x 5.0ml

€ 78.95
€ 78.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® Antiox 5x 5.0mlPluryal® Antiox 5x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® Antiox 5x 5.0ml

€ 69.95
€ 69.95 / 25ml
Pluryal® BodyContour 10x 5.0mlPluryal® BodyContour 10x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® BodyContour 10x 5.0ml

€ 78.95
€ 78.95 / 50ml
Pluryal® BodyFirm 10x 5.0mlPluryal® BodyFirm 10x 5.0ml -

Pluryal® BodyFirm 10x 5.0ml

€ 78.95
€ 78.95 / 50ml

Pluryal in der Anwendung

Depending on the problem area, at Jolifill we offer a wide range of different Pluryal products, which can always be used for different effects. The corresponding substance is injected directly at the problem area during application. This way, the filler can address various signs of skin aging and restore your youthful appearance.

Pluryal products are known for their effective and rapid results, which provide a visible outcome after just one application. Finally, smooth and youthful skin will bring back your confidence from earlier.

Pluryal Nebenwirkungen

Choosing the Pluryal filler means opting for quality, safety, and the best possible results. Furthermore, the different products of this brand are known to be particularly well-tolerated. Like with other filler applications, there may be redness or light bruising at the injection sites on the skin. A mild itching is also completely normal. However, these are typical side effects that usually disappear after a few days.

Pluryal offers a range of safe and efficient hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, boosters, and mesotherapy products to reduce signs of skin aging. These products contain ingredients targeting specific skin issues on the face, hair, and body, with a long-lasting effect and a natural-looking result.

All Pluryal products have their own unique characteristics and, when used in combination, provide a flawless, renewed, and rejuvenated complexion. The Pluryal Dermal Filler and Booster were designed to moisturize the skin, reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, restore lost volume and contours, and make the skin more radiant and luminous.

The Pluryal Mesoline contains 9 products for maintaining and achieving a youthful appearance through revitalization, firming, brightening, clarifying, protecting, repairing, and shaping the skin. All products can be used individually or in combination for the best results.

Treatments with Pluryal Mesoline should be carried out in a course of 5-8 sessions at intervals of 10-15 days. For further maintenance, the course should be repeated every 6 months.

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