EJAL 40 – die perfekte Biorevitalisierung

EJAL 40 – die perfekte Biorevitalisierung

Ejal-40-BioRevitalisierungEjal 40 - BioRevitalisierung - Jolifill.de

Ejal 40 - BioRevitalization - 1 x 2ml

€ 49.95
€ 24.98 / ml
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Ejal Skin Booster HA Rich 50ml

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You belong to the people who, when they look in the mirror, wish to see their old, young, and wrinkle-free face? Then it's time to make your wish come true. With EJAL 40, we offer you at Jolifill the opportunity to combat wrinkles without resorting to surgery. Through EJAL 40, you not only improve the quality but also the density of your skin, stimulate the formation of collagen fibers, and give it back more elasticity.

What is EJAL 40?

As you age, collagen production in the body decreases rapidly. The result is wrinkles, sunken cheeks, and dry skin. If you want to counteract this, you'll find the right preparation in EJAL 40. This product contains 40 mg/2ml of hyaluronic acid. It is used to treat wrinkles on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands, rejuvenating the skin and stimulating collagen production.

Using EJAL 40 - Here's How

EJAL 40 is injected directly into the respective areas of the skin using a pre-filled syringe. Here, the hyaluronic acid, along with all other ingredients, ensures that your body starts producing collagen again, resulting in a noticeable reduction in wrinkles with each treatment. The natural hyaluronic acid content is restored, which not only counteracts wrinkles.

In the so-called 3-point revitalization technique, the preparation is injected at specific points on both sides of the face. Each injection contains 0.25 ml of the preparation. This promotes the gradual filling of the tissue and the activation of the synthesis of the intercellular matrix. Bruising is also minimized during this treatment.

Experts always recommend a series of three treatments. These should always be spaced two weeks apart, and depending on the need, these series should be repeated two to three times a year to maintain the result.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with all other treatments involving pre-filled syringes for rejuvenation, there may be slight redness at the direct injection site, and although rare, bruising may occur. A mild itching at the treated areas may also occur. However, all side effects completely subside within a few days.

Which Areas Can be Treated with EJAL 40?

EJAL 40 is known for its versatile applications. Not only can wrinkles be treated on the face, neck, or décolleté, but elasticity is significantly improved, and the skin tone gains a noticeably healthier appearance, allowing you to regain your youthful complexion.

Applied to the following areas:

  • On the face
  • In the neck area
  • On the chin
  • In the forehead wrinkles
  • On the décolleté
  • For glabella wrinkles or frown lines

Order EJAL 40 Online

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, give it back more elasticity and firmness, then EJAL 40 is the right solution. This preparation impresses with impressive effectiveness and excellent tolerance. Order EJAL 40 today at attractive prices and take the opportunity to directly purchase other products from this brand to combine them and further enhance the effect.

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