BioRePeelCl3 FND Peeling Vials 5 x 6 mlBioRePeelCl3 FND Peeling Vials 5 x 6 ml
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BioRePeelCl3 FND Peeling Vials 5 x 6 ml

€ 194.95
€ 9.75 / ml
PRX-T33 Peeling Vials 5 x 4 ml - Jolifill.dePRX-T33 Peeling Vials 5 x 4 ml -

PRX T33 Peeling Vials 5 x 4 ml

€ 199.95
€ 10 / ml
BioRePeelCl3 FND Complete PackageBioRePeelCl3 FND Komplettpaket -
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BioRePeelCl3 FND Complete Package

€ 279.95
€ 279.95 / 90ml
PRX-T Lady Peeling Vials 5 x 2 ml - Jolifill.dePRX-T Lady Peeling Vials 5 x 2 ml -

PRX-T Lady Peeling Vials 5 x 2 ml

€ 189.95
€ 9.50 / ml
Hyalax Anti-Acne Peel 50ml -

Hyalax Anti-Acne Peel 50ml

€ 54.95
€ 54.95 / 50ml
md:peel Neutralizing Solutionmd:peel Neutralizing Solution -

md:peel Neutralizing Solution

€ 49.95
€ 49.95 / 200ml
Hyalax Mandelic Peel 50ml - Jolifill.deHyalax Mandelic Peel 50ml -

Hyalax Mandelic Peel 50ml

€ 59.95
€ 59.95 / 50ml
Hyalax Ferulic Peel 50ml - Jolifill.deHyalax Ferulic Peel 50ml -

Hyalax Ferulic Peel 50ml

€ 69.95
€ 69.95 / 50ml
Hyalax Latic Peel 30% 50ml - Jolifill.deHyalax Latic Peel 30% 50ml -

Hyalax Latic Peel 50ml

€ 49.95
€ 49.95 / 50ml
md:peel Modified Jessner - Jolifill.demd:peel Modified Jessner -

md:peel Modified Jessner

€ 99.95
€ 99.95 / 50ml
md:prepeel AHAs Complex 15% - Jolifill.demd:prepeel AHAs Complex 15% -

md:prepeel AHAs Complex 15%

€ 59.95
€ 59.95 / 50ml
md:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20% - Jolifill.demd:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20% -

md:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20%

€ 99.95
€ 99.95 / 50ml

Peels of PRX-T33 and BioRePeel for Radiant Skin

A youthful glow, a full radiance, or visibly poreless skin – these are the desires of many women and men. Not only age, but also environmental influences and personal lifestyle can have a negative impact on the skin, causing it to appear dull and tired, with blemishes, becoming a real "problem area" as a result. Peels, for example, from BioRePeel or PRX-T33, provide a remedy and can give facial skin a new radiance.

PRX-T33: Innovative Peel with Diverse Applications

PRX-T33 is likely to be a familiar term to most users who are familiar with peels. It is a serum aimed at revitalizing the skin and is composed of hydrogen peroxide and TCA, trichloroacetic acid. The two main ingredients are complemented by kojic acid, resulting in a slight brightening effect of the peel. It should be noted that the word "peeling" doesn't quite hit the nail on the head for this product. Because: With and after the application of PRX-T33, the skin does not peel. As a result, no recovery time needs to be taken into account. This successful product, based on the synergy of TCA and H2O2, is suitable for treating clients of all ages and is used for various indications.

BioRePeel: Biostimulating Peels for Face and Body

The peels sold under the name BioRePeel are biphasic essences that act as both biostimulating and revitalizing. Available for use on the face and body, this product offers numerous applications, all aimed at improving the skin's appearance and the health of the dermis. The peeling effect is based on a content of 35% to 50% TCA, combined with revitalizing, biostimulating, and building substances, such as arginine, vitamin C, and glycine. The peels provide moisture, protect the skin sustainably, and are also characterized by a completely painless application.

Shop Highly Effective Peels for Professionals

We offer peels from the two renowned brands PRX-T33 and BioRePeel, all distinguished by their simple application and unbeatable effect. Professionals who do not want to compromise on quality and effectiveness are well advised with products from BioRePeel and PRX-T33 – as evidenced by the positive experiences users have had with these high-quality original products. Take a look around and get inspired!

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