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Desirial | An Innovation for Women's Intimate Health

There are two types of intimate care products for women: DESIRIAL® and DESIRIAL® PLUS. These products have different gel properties, ranging from more liquid to less liquid, and are used for different patient conditions. 

DESIRIAL® is a liquid gel for restoring hydration, elasticity, firmness, and sensitivity of the vulvo-vaginal area. It is also used to treat vaginal dryness. When the tissue in the vagina starts to change, it can lead to discomfort or a burning sensation, increased sensitivity, or chronic irritation and itching, which can eventually lead to wounds. To counteract these symptoms, hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the affected area to limit vaginal mucosa dryness and improve tissue quality.

DESIRIAL® PLUS is a more elastic gel for restoring the labia majora, which may have lost volume partially (hypotrophy) or completely (atrophy). One of the key improvements, aside from aesthetic aspects, is the protection of the inner labia minora. At a certain age, the tissue tends to shrink, especially on the outer lips, leading to a reduction in the natural protection of the vulva and causing local pain. The hyaluronic acid gel restores the volume and thus protects the area again.


How Can Hyaluronic Acid Injections Provide Relief for Women Suffering from Vulvo-Vaginal Problems?

During the injection, the hyaluronic acid gel penetrates directly into the vulvo-vaginal tissue, effectively contributing to rehydration of the area. The injected product indirectly exerts mechanical pressure on the cells of the vaginal mucosa, which in turn stimulates their activity.

Stimulating these cells boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of the quality of the vulva-vaginal mucosa.

How Does Aging Affect Vaginal Mucosa?

Female reproductive organs, like all organs in the body, are not immune to the passage of time, especially during menopause. At this point in a woman's life, the tissue of the vulva is particularly affected by the declining estrogen levels.

Without estrogen, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner and less hydrated, making it more fragile. The vagina begins to lose its suppleness and elasticity, while its natural protective mechanisms become less efficient, increasing the risk of vaginal infections.

These physical changes can negatively impact a woman's quality of life in everyday activities.

These intimate health issues are typically caused by a loss of elasticity in the mucosa, particularly during menopause. They can also occur in women of childbearing age.

Who Can I Turn to for This Type of Treatment?

Any doctor specializing in reconstructive and functional gynecology. Injections of DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS must be performed by a legally licensed doctor who has a good anatomical understanding of the female intimate area and experience in injecting dermal filler products.

What Is the Process of an Injection Treatment for Intimate Care?

Prior to the injection of DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS, local anesthesia may be suggested to enhance comfort during the treatment.

DESIRIAL® is typically injected into the vulva area and at the vaginal entrance. Your doctor will use a needle during the injection to ensure that the preparation is administered superficially, just below the mucosal tissue, to ensure rehydration of the area.

DESIRIAL® PLUS is injected under the dermis of the outer labia majora. To avoid injury, a cannula is used to evenly distribute the product in the outer labia. The procedure typically lasts 20 minutes.

What Are the End Results of These Intimate Care Treatments?

With DESIRIAL®, you can enhance hydration in the intimate area, precisely where you feel discomfort. The vaginal mucosa becomes less inflamed, and associated symptoms like pain in the labia, which may also be felt during intercourse (dyspareunia), irritation, and itching are reduced.

DESIRIAL® PLUS allows for the restoration of lost volume in the labia majora, improving the comfort and quality of life for patients. Through this treatment, the restored volume of the outer labia acts as a protective barrier for the vagina.

The improvement and preservation of your quality of life are significant benefits of this intimate care treatment that you will feel soon after your appointment. Additional injection sessions may be necessary to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. Your doctor will know which intimate care product is best suited for you: DESIRIAL® or DESIRIAL® PLUS. Ask him for further details and schedule your appointment.

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