Radiesse 1x 1,5 ml - Jolifill.deRadiesse 1x 1,5 ml - Jolifill.de

Radiesse 1x 1,5 ml

€ 134.95
€ 89.97 / ml
Radiesse Lidocain 1x 1,5 ml - Jolifill.deRadiesse Lidocain 1x 1,5 ml - Jolifill.de

Radiesse Lidocaine 1x 1,5 ml

€ 134.95
€ 89.97 / ml

Discover Radiesse at Jolifill

Whether it's deep wrinkles on the forehead or around the mouth, many people suffer from a serious-looking face and tired, aged skin as they age. By undergoing a wrinkle treatment with Radiesse, you can quickly and easily fill in wrinkles, resulting in a significantly younger, healthier, and fresher-looking face. Radiesse can be used in various areas and impresses with its efficient effectiveness, easy application, and good compatibility.

What is Radiesse and how does it work?

Radiesse consists of particles of calcium hydroxylapatite dissolved in a gel paste and is referred to as a "volumizing filler" in aesthetic medicine. This gel is used as a filler in wrinkle treatments and finds its application in many areas. The injection is performed under the skin at the corresponding areas, where wrinkles are filled in and facial contours are tightened.

However, the volumizing effect is not limited to wrinkle injections. The different products in this category are also excellent for correcting cheeks, chin, or lips, providing effective and visible improvements in these areas as well.

Good to know: Radiesse is a substance that is naturally metabolized by the body. This means that the effect of the injections diminishes over time. However, the use of these products stimulates the body's own collagen production, resulting in a long-lasting improvement in the skin's appearance.

Areas of application for Radiesse

Radiesse can be applied in a particularly versatile manner. Deep facial wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, or wrinkles around the mouth are commonly treated with these products. Additionally, the products are suitable for volumizing the lips, chin, or cheeks.

Order Radiesse at Jolifill

Due to its excellent compatibility, immediate visible treatment results, and rejuvenating effects, it is not surprising that Radiesse enjoys widespread popularity. If you also desire long-lasting firm and youthful skin, increased volume, and enhanced collagen production, you can conveniently order Radiesse products online from Jolifill.

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