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Do you want to go through the world without wrinkles and long for your old youth? Then you're not alone. So if you're wondering where the wrinkles suddenly came from when you look in the mirror and how to get rid of them, JALUPRO is the right solution for you. It is a resorbable and sterile injection solution that eliminates deep wrinkles and scars. In addition, you will find many more products from this brand in our online shop, all of which are designed to bring back your youth and wrinkle-free skin.

The JALUPRO Series

The brand JALUPRO belongs to the manufacturer Derma SA. The JALUPRO product range impresses with high-quality products that deliver on their promises and are easy to use and highly versatile. The combination of amino acids and hyaluronic acids ensures excellent compatibility and first-class results. Not only have JALUPRO products impressed users, but they have also performed well in clinical tests.

The Different Treatment Areas

The various JALUPRO products can be used in a variety of ways. The product is injected or applied directly to the affected areas. For example, it can be used on the hands to correct wrinkles and provide essential moisture. The inner thighs are also commonly treated to even out dimples and achieve beautiful and firm skin, allowing you to confidently wear short dresses and shorts in the summer again.

Some JALUPRO products are primarily used on the face. They can be used on the corners of the mouth or the nose, for forehead wrinkles, or to add volume to the cheeks. Women also use them to treat pregnancy stretch marks and are very satisfied with the results. Additionally, JALUPRO can be used to create a beautiful and smooth décolleté area.

Overview of Application Areas:

  •         Armpits
  •         Inner thighs
  •         Décolleté tightening
  •         Hand rejuvenation
  •         Abdomen
  •         Corners of the mouth
  •         Facial masks on the face
  •         Cheek volume enhancement
  •         Forehead wrinkles
  •         Pregnancy and stretch marks


Treatment Procedure


The treatment with various JALUPRO products is always done directly on the problem areas. The type of product determines the application method. The pre-filled syringes are applied directly to the wrinkles, indentations, or dry and sagging skin, allowing them to act directly on the targeted areas.

In addition to injectable solutions, there are also special facial masks that are applied and can have an intensive effect for a specific period of time. These masks are placed on the face for 20 minutes and are recommended after treatment with other JALUPRO products. They help soothe and nourish the face.

There is also the JALUPRO drink, which fights the effects of aging from within and significantly supports the effectiveness of other products in this series. The intake of these supplements can noticeably improve their effectiveness and duration of action.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The injectable products may have typical side effects, such as redness or small bruises at the injection site. It is also possible to experience itching. However, these side effects disappear within a short period of time. Like all other products, some individuals may have an intolerance, although all JALUPRO products are considered very well-tolerated.

Duration of Effectiveness

The duration of effectiveness is highly individual. According to the manufacturer, a series of three to five treatments is recommended, to be repeated two to three times a year. With regular use, the average duration of effectiveness is approximately six months.

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