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Discover the MCCM® Cosmetics Brand at Jolifill 

The MCCM® brand was developed by the manufacturer Mesosystem S.A. The products represent innovative, high-performance, medical cosmetics. Through extensive research and development, the products in the cosmetics range offer unique formulations for the efficient treatment of problem areas.The treatments are suitable not only for professional but also for home use.

What Do the Products of the MCCM® Range Achieve?

With the help of extremely powerful medical cosmetics, various problem areas can be treated as needed.The high-quality formulations offer optimal anti-aging solutions for your skin. Products for targeted fat reduction and cellulite treatment are also available.To give you a closer look at the versatility of the products, here is an introduction to different products in the cosmetics range:

MCCM® Hyaluronidase

With the help of the enzyme Hyaluronidase, hyaluronic acid-based fillers in the tissue can be partially or even completely dissolved.The hyaluronic acid fibers are destroyed after injection and completely removed in a short time. These products are effective in cases of pronounced swelling or nodules caused by hyaluronic acid injections. The effective results are visible within a few hours. 

MCCM® Phosphatidylcholine 

With MCCM® Phosphatidylcholine, you can effectively reduce stubborn fat deposits on the waist, abdomen, and upper arms. The active ingredient is able to break the cell membrane of the fat cells, allowing the stored fat to be transported out of the tissue. This treatment is suitable not only for body problem areas but also for the face.

MCCM® Artichoke

This product contains pure artichoke extract. The plant has long been known in medicine for its detoxifying and diuretic properties. It is considered a natural treatment for cellulite and localized fat. In addition, it stimulates lymph circulation and reduces fluid retention.

MCCM® Argireline

The product MCCM® Argireline contains a powerful hexapeptide that produces a tightening effect on the skin. Signals from the nerve to the muscle are blocked, and the release of neurotransmitters is prevented. Expression lines can be reduced and even avoided with the help of the product.

MCCM® Whitening Cocktail

This Whitening Cocktail is optimal for treating pigmentation spots or melanic skin imperfections. The combination of the active ingredients glutathione, vitamin C, and tartaric acid, a mixture of antioxidants, makes the skin glow. The brightening properties of the active ingredients make the skin look smoother and more even.


The active ingredient DMAE, also known as Dimethyl MEA, in this product produces a strong tightening effect on the skin, neck, and face. Recent studies show that DMAE increases collagen type I and type III, which strengthens and smoothes the skin. It also appears more elastic, and sagging, sunken skin is visibly reduced. 

MCCM® Hair Cocktail

With MCCM® Hair Cocktail, your hair receives all the valuable nutrients it needs to grow. To effectively promote hair growth, hair follicles must be well-nourished and strengthened. The active ingredients glutathione, panthenol, biotin, and organic silicon provide optimal nutrients to stimulate hair growth. The application is directly on the scalp for this purpose.

Appeal - Application by Medical Professionals

The application or injection of the products should only be carried out by trained and medically qualified personnel. This includes the healing profession and the healthcare sector.
With the sale of the product, we also offer you professional treatments in practices and studios that have been tested and approved by us. The corresponding partner is linked under the product with the button "Application".

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