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Lemon Bottle 5 x 10ml

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Prostrolane® Inner-B 2 x 2.0ml

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Aqualyx® 10x 8ml

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Pluryal® BodyContour 10x 5.0ml

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Pluryal® FaceContour 5x 5.0ml

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PBSerum HA 2.0 Low

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PBSerum HA 2.0 Medium

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PBSerum HA 2.0 High

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Mesosculpt C71 1 x 1ml

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Cincelar+ 5 x 8ml

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Innoaesthetics Reducer Plus Caps 60 Stk.

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Lemon Bottle 1 x 10ml

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Top-Quality Products for Lipolysis

Many men and women share a common goal: they want to finally be satisfied with their bodies. Small, stubborn fat deposits that don't disappear despite exercise and a healthy diet can hinder this goal. But there is a method to combat the troublesome fat: lipolysis, also known as the fat-dissolving injection.

Finally Slim: Combating Fat Deposits with Lipolysis Treatments

The word lipolysis stands for fat dissolution and hits the nail on the head - that's exactly what lipolysis treatments are about. They help people get rid of annoying fat deposits and free fatty acids, finally achieving their dream figure. When we talk about lipolysis, we mean the so-called injection lipolysis. This is a proven procedure known for its reliable effectiveness without redness or swelling. With the products from our category Fat-Dissolving Injection, you finally have the opportunity to take on your fat cells and avoid major interventions.

Phosphatidylcholine: Why the Fat-Dissolving Injection Works

Colloquially, the lipolysis injections are also referred to as fat-dissolving injections. But how does the lipolysis treatment work? The secret lies in the special active ingredients called phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, abbreviated PPC. The natural lecithin derived from soybeans is injected into the fatty tissue in combination with deoxycholate using a fine needle. Deoxycholate breaks open the cell membrane, after which the liquid fat can be saponified, transported away, and excreted through the phosphatidylcholine. Usually, three to four lipolysis treatments are performed at intervals of four to eight weeks to achieve optimal and sustainable results. Injection lipolysis is suitable for promoting fat breakdown in these areas of the body:

  • Chin (for example, in the case of a double chin)
  • Cheeks and cheeks
  • Upper arms
  • Belly
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs (especially "saddlebags")
  • Knees

In addition, the fat-dissolving injection is suitable for the minimally invasive treatment of lipomas.

Injection Lipolysis – The Benefits at a Glance

In a nutshell, injection lipolysis convinces with these specific advantages:

  • Minimal invasive procedure
  • Low risk and rapid subsiding of side effects
  • Natural active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (PPC)
  • High success rate
  • Sustainable effect
  • Treatment of various "problem areas" possible

Our Premium Products for Lipolysis Treatment

To achieve the desired effect with injection lipolysis, it requires more than just know-how: high-quality products. Our comprehensive range includes selected prefilled syringes and lipolysis solutions for successful Injection Lipolysis. Browse through our selection and discover original premium products from reputable manufacturers and renowned brands, including Aqualyx, Dermastabilon, Jalevel Body Contour, and

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