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As age advances, the body undergoes changes. Wrinkles, dimples, sagging skin, and a tired facial expression are just some factors that cannot be prevented. But they can be addressed. All it takes is a few fine threads beneath the skin, and the wrinkles of the past are gone, all without surgery. This is called PDO Thread Lifting, a completely new method to tighten sagging skin without the need for a scalpel, and scars have no chance here. At Jolifill, we offer you a wide selection of different products in the field of PDO Thread Lifting.

What is PDO Thread Lifting?

PDO Thread Lifting is a new and innovative method of facial rejuvenation. In this procedure, the skin is tightened and densified, causing wrinkles and irregularities to disappear. This lifting technique is particularly applied in the facial, neck, and cheek regions. With this method, experts follow the trend of particularly gentle and minimally invasive treatment, which continues to gain popularity in aesthetic medicine.

No surgical intervention is required, so only a very short recovery time is necessary. The material consists of biodegradable threads, which have been used in surgery for quite some time.

What are PDO Threads?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are a special type of thread material. The threads dissolve completely within six to eight months after insertion. There are different threads chosen based on the desired lifting effect, individual skin structure, and age. You can choose between Mono threads and Twin threads. These can be either smooth or spiral-shaped and may also have barbs.

PDO threads are placed under the skin with fine needles. Their task is to stimulate the production of collagen. Furthermore, they lead to the formation of new connective tissue. The result is remarkable. The connective tissue becomes tighter, causing wrinkles to disappear. Thanks to the newly formed collagen, you regain your old and youthful complexion. Depending on the nature and type of PDO thread, they are suitable for fine creases as well as light skin folds.

Advantages of PDO Thread Lifting

The advantages of PDO Thread Lifting are evident. The lower burden compared to traditional facelifts means fewer risks and less pain. Moreover, there are no visible scars, and a quick recovery within a few days speaks in favor of such a procedure. The treatment duration is also shorter, ranging from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the patient. With thread lifting, there is also a very low risk of pain and inflammation. Furthermore, the results are visible immediately after the treatment.

  • Quickly visible effect
  • Tightening without scars
  • Rapid healing process
  • PDO threads are 100 percent biodegradable
  • Natural look
  • Very minimal or almost no downtime
  • Stimulation of collagen production

How Does a Treatment with PDO Threads Work?

Before the threads are inserted, the treatment area is locally anesthetized. Then, the absorbable thread is introduced into the tissue. The number of threads used is determined individually. Through this minimally invasive procedure, the body forms new connective tissue around the thread, making the skin tighter and smoother immediately after the treatment. Furthermore, certain types of threads can lift the facial tissue, bringing it back to its original position. This is an especially gentle method that leaves no wounds or scars. Finally, the threads are absorbed by the body after a certain time, with the results remaining visible for a longer period.

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